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Exploring New Research at Stratum Corneum VII (By Dr Katerina Steventon)

Report from the last STRATUM CORNEUM 2012 meeting:

The International Society for Stratum Corneum Research held its seventh biannual Stratum Corneum (SC) conference on Sept. 10–12 as a joint meeting with the Skin Forum. The event’s namesake is the top layer of the skin that functions primarily as the skin barrier, and it plays a vital role in many aspects of personal care.
The three-day conference was attended by researchers working in basic and applied research of SC biology, organization and function, transdermal absorption and their applications in personal care, pharmaceutical technology and dermatology. Professor Ronald Marks, opened the event and set the scene in defining the SC as an important barrier membrane, acting also as “a canvas on which we paint a pleasing supplement to our aesthetic selves.” The SC has impressive protective functions, including: mechanical (preventing incisional, torsional and scratch injury), antimicrobial and ultraviolet. In addition, it also has an impressive viscoelastic nature and pliability, allowing digits to move without cracking.
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