Looking Ahead: Corneocare and Comfort Science (by Dr Katerina Steventon)

The concept of corneocare stems from corneobiology and corneotherapy, yet highlights the importance of epidermal sensation. Personal grooming is a rewarding activity that releases endorphins and promotes a positive mood. The concept of corneocare was introduced by DSM at the 2013 in-cosmetics Paris, where the company focused on “comfort science”— a holistic approach to epidermal skin sensation, connecting a youthful appearance to a healthy, functioning epidermis. This brings a different dimension to the SC by recognising it as an interface for imparting visual and tactile sensory signal processing.Dr Tony Rawlings presented on this subject as well, speaking at the Society of Cosmetic Scientists’ Medal Lecturer on 7 March, 2013, in London. Here he focused on enhancing epidermal sensation by building a strong barrier function.

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Recent paper by Dr Rawlings
> http://www.tukad.org.tr/tr/pdf/019%20Voegeli.pdf