Lets Live Stratum Corneum

Let’s live Stratum Corneum (SC)

A biennial scientific meeting exploring different aspects of the superficial layer of the skin will be held in September 2014 in Cardiff. Top three reasons to attend?

1. Interdisciplinary Community. Tucked away in Cardiff, the meeting creates a space for discussion among a distinct community – scientists, academics, clinicians and the industry. The SC attendees differ in their expertise, perspective and approach to SC research, yet the benefit is in finding common denominators. Cross-functional scientific meetings often facilitate innovation through collaborative networks.

2. Fostering Innovation. Innovation happens at the periphery of science where different functions merge. All of these functions focus on stratum corneum; the fundamental research or applied research related to topical products. Skin integrity is essential for human health. Skin barrier breakdown, due to ageing or disease, has a detrimental effect on quality of life as well as socioeconomic consequences. Both the Personal Care and Pharmaceutical industry are seeking to understand the skin barrier – to either maintain it, as the holy grail of good skincare, or to overcome it for the topical delivery of drugs. At the same time Clinicians are looking for new ways to assess its function and contribution to disease. Focusing on the stratum corneum for these 3 days fosters innovation.

3. Looking to the Future. The key assets of the SC meetings have been the future of skin barrier research, its genetics, metabolism and clinical application in dermatology and skincare.

What’s on offer in 2014? The 8th SC meeting has a line up of excellent keynote speakers. The leading themes for this year are SC movement, structure, construction and deconstruction but also metagenomics, the microbiome and clinical implications of gene variation in dermatology.

Join us in Cardiff on 17th – 19th September 2014 for an interesting meeting!

Dr Katerina Steventon MSc. PhD